3 Well Woman Tests You Should Perform to Take Care of Your Health

Nowadays, healthcare facilities are emerging almost everywhere. Instead of improving the overall health condition, this latest development is actually taking a toll on the people in terms of their health. There are both conflicting as well as controversial guidelines related to health concerns from the healthcare centres. In order to solve this confusion, let us discuss some medical screening tests that every woman should take at women’s clinic in Harley Street and avoid any unnecessary diseases.

  • Cervical cancer screening – It is the pap test that helps to detect human papillomavirus. This test is suitable for every woman who is within the age group of 21 to 65 years. Young women can too perform this test once every three years. But if you fall between 30 and 65, this well woman test can be taken once every five years. When it comes to the technical aspect, cervical cancer screening consists of a pap and an HPV swab. Women who want to undergo this comprehensive cervical cancer screening do not have to conduct physical pelvic examination.
  • Colorectal cancer detection – Another name for colorectal cancer detection is the good old colonoscopy. It is ideal for women who fall under the age group of 50 and 75. If you are above this age group, it is advised to talk to your gynae expert and know if you should go for screening. You may perform this diagnosis once every 10 years, provided everything is normal. This test is inconvenient for anyone and yet it is the best method to detect precancerous lesions, colon cancer or polyps during their early stages. If there is a history of colorectal cancer in your family, begin this test early and at a higher frequency than usual.
  • Breast cancer detection – This test is also known as a mammogram and suitable for every woman who is 40 years or older. Your gynae expert has the authority to decide when you need to stop routine screening. You need to perform this test once every other year. However, if you have a family record of ovarian or breast cancer, you will have to perform the test more frequently. Early detection of breast cancer is needed to prevent spreading the disease to other body parts. Thus, there isn’t any way to avoid breast cancer detection test with mammogram. Well woman check-up and well woman tests are becoming more popular every day. In other words, a well woman examination is done to make a thorough assessment of the reproductive health of a woman. It is suggested to undergo this test at least once a year. The examination helps to cover their breast checkups, pap smear and pelvic examination, though there are other elements included in it too.

The above-discussed tests can help every woman detect any diseases that they may have at an early stage. Visit Gynaecology Clinic where our gynaecologists can help women undergo the necessary tests and stay protected.