Why You should Get a Well-woman Check Every Year

Staying healthy and well involves several things, such as your diet and lifestyle choices. Healthand wellness are common topics that affect everyone, and websites provide information on how to stay healthy. However, there is no clear approach to it. A one-size-fits-all wellness package involving a particular exercise regime or diet is not available.

You need to do some things and take certain steps if you want to remain healthy and well. One of these things for women is a health and wellness check-up.

For an average woman, a yearly health and wellness check-up is not a priority as things like work and children take most of their time. The burden of caring for loved ones and older parents may also take most of their time. Regardless of your daily activities and schedule, visiting your gynaecologist every year for your well-woman check is necessary.

Proper gynaecological care is important to ensure every woman’s long-term health. During a well-womanvisit, your gynaecologist will perform a thorough medical check. You may get a Pap smear to assess your cervical cells, a pelvic exam to check for tissue changes, and a breast exam to check for lumps or tissue changes.

During your well-woman check-up, the gynaecologist will discuss different issues that affect your health, including your birth control options, sexual health, and family planning. It is important for you to feel free to discuss health issues and symptoms that concern you, talk about infection,and changes in your menstrual cycle.

Asides from your annual well-woman visit, ensure you visit your gynaecologist when you notice the following

  • Chronic pelvic, vagina, or abdominal pain
  • Unusually painful or heavy menstruation
  • Irregular bleeding, including spotting between your periods
  • Changes in your breast
  • Persistent and abnormal vagina discharge

Your well-woman check can detect different health issues at an early stage when you have a better chance of a successful treatment.

If you are yet to have your annual well-woman check, ensure you contact Gynaecology Clinic on 020 7183 0435 as soon as possible to schedule an appointment for your check-up.

Our gynaecological team will provide you with adequate care and support to ensure your reproductive and sexual health is at its best. Ensure you visit at Harley street women’s clinic today for your gynaecological care.