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Private Coil Fitting in London

The coil is known to be an intrauterine device (IUD) which is inserted into a woman’s uterus for contraceptive purposes. The IUD usually lasts between five to ten years. At Gynaecology Clinic, we have gynaecology specialists that can help with coil fitting for your contraceptive needs. At Gynaecology Clinic, the IUD can be done at any time on the woman’s menstrual cycle, but the IUD cannot be inserted once the woman is pregnant.

The IUD comes in different sizes and suitable for every woman. In a situation where a woman wishes to get pregnant, our gynaecology specialist can remove the IUD at any time to enable the woman get pregnant. When you come to Gynaecology Clinic, you can be certain that it is only a specialist that will take care of the insertion and removal. Once the IUD is removed, the woman can get pregnant.

If you’re a woman and you are looking for one of the best places in London to have your coil fittings, then you should probably be thinking about Gynaecology Clinic, we are a gynaecologist clinic in Marylebone, London and our gynaecology specialists are experienced and well knowledgeable in coil fittings. Also, our specialists are well exposed and can help you go through all the processes so you feel comfortable while taking the bold step of using the coil contraceptive.

One of the things we do in Gynaecology Clinic is to make sure that women who are willing to take the IUD are well guided as to the processes and offered full guidance before the initiation process. Our gynaecology specialists will not just go through with the process but also act as counsellors to the women who want to go undergo coil fitting so they can feel at ease and gain our trust during the whole process.

Our services as relating to Coil Fitting in Gynaecology Clinic


We offer consultation to women who are interested in going through the process of coil fitting contraceptive. We like to have appointments with these women providing them with a detailed explanation of what the process involves, the benefits and the outcome. We also make these women understand that they can remove the coil whenever they are ready for conception.

Pelvic Examination

This involves running an examination on the pelvis of the women to know if there are any issues with the pelvic region of the woman.

Contraception review

This is basically checking which contraceptive plan is best for the woman.

Col fitting

This is the IUD proper. This process is when the coil is being inserted into the woman’s uterus to avoid conception until the woman is ready and willing to conceive then the coil would be removed.

Detailed written report

At Gynaecology Clinic we make sure to give our patients a detailed written report as to their progress and otherwise.

If you are in London and sourcing for a place to go for your contraceptives and IUD processes, Gynaecology Clinic is simply the right place as our gynaecology specialist and our experienced medical team are always here to help you. We encourage you to reach out to us today and we would be very happy to hear from you.