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London Women’s Clinic at Harley Street

At Gynaecology Clinic, we understand the need and importance of planning ahead of time, thus preventing any form of problem that is likely to occur during these periods. Our Well Woman packages are made to help this dream or vision become a reality by helping to stop any illness and tracks to keep you on the right health track. Every woman has different priorities and concerns regarding her health. That is why at Gynaecology Clinic, we have listened to every one of you and we have been able to come up with different packages that support your health individually and also making these packages even more flexible and exciting by adding testing and screenings to suit your health needs.

At our London Womens Clinic at Harley Street, we run the following well woman packages

Bronze well woman

This package is majorly about having a lifestyle assessment with an experienced female doctor who checks up on your health, family health history, breast and gynaecological examinations together with blood testing. With this package, you can have the choice of follow up to talk about your progress or results.

Silver well woman

This package includes all in the bronze but with an addition of the cervical smear testing and human papillomavirus screening. Having a cervix smear test and HPV Virus testing is something that should be done regularly to keep your health in check.

Gold well woman

The Gold Well woman package provides all the bronze and silver package but with the addition of diabetes risk test and an extensive hormone testing which includes skin problems, hormonal imbalances, fertility problems etc.

Platinum well woman

This package is the most detailed package of all the packages. This package cover everything on other packages including a comprehensive sexual health screening for hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis, gonorrhoea, and other bacterial infections

The well woman is majorly all about you, your health and state of well being. The well woman is also called the gynaecology exams where screening is being taken for your breast for any trace of breast cancer, cervix examinations for any trace of cervical cancer or any other cervical issues, infertility and so much more.

The kind of questions I will be asked on a well woman check up

Usually, the doctor or the nurses will have to ask you some questions; these questions only give the doctors the guidelines on how to properly give you the right health care, so it’s beneficial that you answer these questions correctly. These questions include:

  • The date of your last period
  • How often does your period come?
  • How many days does your period last?
  • Do you bleed or have spotting in between periods?
  • Are you sexually active?
  • Do you have sex with woman, men or both?
  • Do you ever experience painful sex?
  • Do you bleed during or after sex?
  • Are you using any birth control pill?

These questions are fundamental because they would help to give a proper guideline as to what may be leading to a problem and how to solve it. Our London women’s clinic at Harley Street is always open for you, do not hesitate to call or send an email to book an appointment.